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Pickup Truck Accessories & Farm Implements since 1946

Based in Waco, Texas, The Perry Company manufactures and distributes heavy duty pickup truck accessories and farm implements throughout North America.  The Perry Company has been a rooted and reliable business in the past and will continue to be a rooted and reliable business in the future. We’re not going anywhere.

Our agricultural implements include durable equipment such as:

The Perry Company Pickup truck accessories include heavy duty equipment such as:

  • grill guards
  • front-end replacements
  • pipe bumpers
  • bolt-on receiver hitches
  • headache racks

From its raw material form until it is shipped to you, our products are manufactured in-house.  This ensures that we can keep the high level of quality that we promise in all of our products.  Our high quality raw materials are cut with a high definition computerized plasma torch to have precision cuts time after time.  After fabrication, our accessories go through a rigorous chemical wash.  They are then powdercoated by our trained professionals.  After the last quality check, they are put in their final packaging and sent to you.